Rules for the competition are as follows:-

  • All entries must be the modeller's own work.
  • Models may be entered between 11am and 1pm. No entry will be accepted after 1pm.
  • Models should be entered in specified Classes as detailed below.
  • If entrants are in doubt as to the Class which applies to their model they should discuss with the IPMS Wakefield members on the competition entry table.
  • If judges consider that a model is entered in a class incorrectly they will re-assign the model to the correct class for judging.
  • The judges’ decision on this and any other matter is final.
  • Awards of “Best in Class”, “Highly Commended” and “Commended” will be made in each class if the judges consider that there are entries of sufficient quality to merit these awards.
  • A single award of “Best in Show” and “Junior Best in Show” will be made.
  • It will be at the judges’ discretion not to award all of the available prizes in any specific class.
  • For this competition, “Straight-kit” or “Out-of-the-box” entries should be built from the contents of a commercially available kit (of any substance). Access doors, hatches and canopies may be opened. The only additions to the kit contents permitted will be aerials, pitot tubes, wires and fabric items such as seat-belts, tilts and tarpaulins and so on.
  • In “Vacuum-formed” entries’ major components (fuselage, hull, wings &c. Must be vacuum-formed.
  • The main structural components of “Scratchbuilt” entries must be produced by the builder (from any material) although commercially available details and other components may be used.  
  • Entries in any class may be presented with or without crew or other figures. Bases with more than four figures should be in the diorama class.
  • Artillery pieces and other military hardware should be classed with military vehicles.
  • The competition room will be closed from 1 to 3pm with results and prizes available at 3pm.


1 Aircraft smaller than 1/73 scale (any)
2 Aircraft 1/73-1/59 (SK/OOTB)
3 Aircraft 1/73-1/59 (Modified)
4 Aircraft 1/60-1/40 (SK/OOTB)
5 Aircraft 1/60-1/40 (Modified)
6 Aircraft larger than 1/40 (Any)
7 Aircraft Vacuum-formed or Scratchbuilt (Any Scale)
8 Military Vehicles Smaller than 1/40 scale    (Any)
9 Military Vehicles 1/40-1/30 (Any)
10 Military Vehicles Larger than 1/30 (Any)
11 Military Vehicles Scratchbuilt (Any Scale)
12 Ships smaller than 1/500 (Any)
13 Ships 1/500 or larger (Any)
14 Ships scratchbuilt
15 What if: Aircraft, Military Vehicles, Ships (Any)
16 Civil Vehicles 1/21 or smaller (Any)
17 Civil Vehicles 1/20 or larger (Any)
18 Commercial vehicles (Any)
19 Science Fiction and fantasy (any subject or scale)
20 Science Fiction and fantasy figures (any subject or scale)
21 Foot Figures (Any scale)
22 Mounted Figures (Any scale)
23 Busts (Any scale)
24 Vignette (Four or fewer figures with a scenic base)
25 Diorama (Five or more figures, scenic presentation of vehicles/hardware with or without figures)
26 Miscellaneous (Any subject not suitable for another class)
27 Juniors (Modeller 16 years or younger, Any subject or scale)

Awards for “Best in Show” and “Junior Best in Show” will be made, Juniors being defined as above.